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Natalia de Pablo. Chile"" MARICUNGA ", inspired by the great copper mines of Chile."

Natalia Paul has a degree in Environmental Science and Higher Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention . For some time is devoted to his true calling , jewelry design and jewelry in Santiago de Chile, city in which he lives .

Copper works (which provides design and a special personality to spare ) and silver , combining techniques to find harmony and beauty.

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

How and when did you get started in the world of jewelery?
In my case it all started recently over a year , when circumstances changed my country of residence, and to find a job and while looking for some interesting offer, I decided to sign a goldsmith workshop to learn.

· What is your motivation?
 It motivates me greatly to develop a job that depends solely on me, it excites me and what I feel over developed . And if the way people appreciate it even better.

· And your sources of inspiration ?
 It inspires me to sit on my workbench , do not start anything in particular, but I try to get a piece with some personality , perhaps to as lead time in this world, my main inspiration is to apply different techniques and going and seeing which I can get the better .

· That you undertake actions to publicize your work?
 I'm starting to develop in this guild and I have designed short term create my website, register my stamp - mark , print personalized cards, try to be as the possible day for the holding of fairs and contests should be eligible to sponsor directly .

What do you like best about your career as a jewelry designer author?
Definitely able to participate in Jewellery Art Madrid, since it is a great motivation to keep learning and improving.
Dorine Botana, Brazil . "Every day I discover more stones in pure, more beautiful , more fragile , more delicate , exotic and unique state. "

It is one of the pioneers in jewelry design in Brazil, began trading in 1990 in his workshop in a quiet street of Perdizes . Among the orchids that grow and move their old jewelry exclusive designs its rough stones inspired by nature .
He has participated in various exhibitions both individually and collectively in Paris , New York, Stocolmo , Zurich and Frankfurt.
In 2009 it is she who organizes jewelry samples and participates in 2011 where the company creates Collect, to promote Brazilian jewelry by the world.

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

How and when did you get started in the world of jewelery?
I graduated and I did a post -graduate in hotel management section of food and drinks , I went to college in Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul ) and graduate in the United States (New York) , I have worked many years in restaurants and have had some restaurants.

Due to a serious health problem I went to live in Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo and I also was forced to change my lifestyle . I was forced to stop working for a while, so I decided to fill my time with a new faculty (Bellas Artes) , where I found a course in industrial design and shortly thereafter, jewelry design loved . Then I started a course in jewelery workshop where I learned to work and perform the pieces. From the beginning I knew I had found my soul mate , which gave me the opportunity to express my feelings , being a work in which I could relate to and was only mine . In 1991 I established my studio where I am today .

There it all starts watching and appreciating nature. I've always developed my work environment to natural raw stone that inspire me to create jewelry that never start from a specific project in a constant state of change and evolution to reach an outcome that seems satisfactory.

What is your motivation ?
Is to create, makes an idea , a thought, my only express my view of the world occurs. Experiencing and enjoying the whole process, from finding the stones cut format , laminating, metal cutting, welding, cutting , finishing and polishing is very gratifying to imagine that I'm giving birth to a new gem .

And your sources of Inspiration?
It is always nature. The rough stones make me see something in the soul that help me to name collections always relate to nature.

How 's a giveaway and promote your pieces?
Exhibitions , art galleries , usually make jewelry lectures at schools for young people who are entering the field of jewelry , it seems important to me to share my experiences with others , as it is very rewarding for me .
What would you highlight of your career as a jewelry designer ?
The differential of my work is to always work with rough stones , without commercial value, such as jewelry and transform these minerals in true "jewels".

Love jewelry

Mora Efron, Argentina / Spain . " I transform the cold metal - organic body warmth "

Mora Efron was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina in 1980. From an early age he began studying art and sculpture. At 18 , he graduated as Technical Artisan School of Fine Arts Fernando Fader , a place that brings the knowledge of different artistic disciplines.

In metals finds its expressive potential , and decided to further his studies in the field of jewelry . While performing career and Jewelry Crimp in his hometown , he begins to work for various workshops and designs his early work .

We are our body, we are carving culture. Each piece , each election, speaking of ourselves , in a corner of our alma.Mora Efron plays with opposites and back body a mixture between ancient / modern , cultural / instinctive , natural / urban.

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

When and how did you get started in the gem author?
When I started studying at age 16 jewelry and designed my first pieces , it was clear that mine were parts with content.

What is your motivation?
Work is a motivation . Research and develop pieces that speak for themselves is a very exciting creative adventure .

Where are your sources of inspiration?
Live in nature fascinate me and their transformations. I need it to work . However, I agree with Picasso " Inspiration is working "

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
Just back from Inhorgenta and has been an awesome experience where show my collections . In my constant showroom events and now we work a lot with social media. In addition , I have several outlets in Spain .

What would you highlight of your career how jewelry designer author?
I am interested in the prospect of the new tools in jewelry, so I think I've gotten re design the " Formentor Prize for Literature " , in addition to charlasr on "New technologies in traditional trades ."
In 2009 he received the award " Young Entrepreneur " by the Business Federation Segoviana .

...before and after

Marielle Ledoux,  Uruguay/Barcelona. "... A journey into the interior, a dialogue between opposites: the vacuum and matter"

Began studying jewelry in 1985 and since then is being formed in different schools , taking courses and interesting seminars.
On one of his trips ( Erasmus Scholarship 6 months ) in the School of Contemporary Jewelry Rantapaja , Lappeenranta Finland went to a before and after originated in the work of this artist jewelry .
He tells us that " The collection is inpired Holes on my trip to Finland. Finland My experience has been very enriching. Force of nature , lush forests , variety of lakes , snow , cold, his icy landscapes, few hours of light, longing for the sun, the silence , the peace that you can breathe , an abundance of space, its language, its culture and its people penetrated deep into my . All very different from what I had experienced so time. "

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

When and how did you started in the contemporary jewelry? 
Small felt a special fascination for watching the windows of the few jewelers author of my city. And I always knew I wanted to do that more. Different jewelry with a personal touch, with heart.

What is your motivation?
My motivation is to create jewelery with soul that will not let you indifferent.

Where are your sources of inspiration?
It is always the magnificence of nature. The force of nature, lush forests, variety of lakes, snow, ...

How can you interact with with inspiration? 
This collection "Holes" is a journey into a dialogue between opposites: the vacuum and matter. Surge of the game, not as pure joy, but as adventure, risk, imagination and freedom. With the intention of giving new life to objects destroyed, eleji for this collection work with pucks used jokey play on ice, because they are very common there (Finland). And helping nature by not requiring her new resources.

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
Exhibit in galleries and participated in international competitions

What do you would stand out from your career as a contemporary jeweller?
Highlight the time I spent in Finland. Leaving influenced by new concepts, new techniques, different tastes. It marked a before and after. It helped me discover my very rich areas not yet explored.

Juan F. MaldonadoMadrid / Menorca . " ... looking between what I am and what I want to tell . "

Sociologist training , self-taught designer jewelery since 2001 , the result of knowledge exchange with artists and artisans from many countries , fields and disciplines ranging from jewelry to ironwork , leather esparto or macramé . Using different materials and techniques applying all the metal.
Contact with school jewelers , both with students and with teachers , has also been particularly fruitful .

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

When and how did you get started in the gem author?
After ten years dedicated to the world of craft, having experimented with different techniques and materials, that is in 2010 , the year in which the artistic project Pasearte (Menorca ) when I decide to take the final step towards the jewelry is born author .
Contact and daily work with jewelers as Sisi or Cristina Arcos Armengol , or painters and sculptors such as Roberto Lopez and Marc Rosa make rethink my work to develop a more personal side , looking between what I am and what I want to tell. In 2011 I think , with my partner Sonia Pachon workshop " unnajoya " .

What is your motivation?
Creating and my life have always gone hand in hand. Although not the easiest way I can not imagine the world differently .

Where are your sources of inspiration?
 Much of the work in recent years has been influenced by the island of Menorca . As he happened to all the artists who have passed through this island I could not escape its beauty.
 The other party responds , as I noted earlier, Search through what I am and what I want to tell.

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
The truth is that anything special. We sell almost all of our parts in Menorca ( Pasearte -Fornells ) . Moreover, the completely handmade process of creating each of our pieces added to the isolation of living in this island , leaving little time to show off our work , much less as privileged spaces such as this provides joyasartemadrid .

What would you highlight of your career how jewelry designer author?
 Artistically I like to think I've come to have a recognizable fluid style , personal and .
 Professionally power to live as one chooses , doing what he loves , is the greatest reward

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With character

Montserrat Bote. Barcelona. " jewels that are nothing but very different feelings that take shape"

She is an artist whose sensibility is reflected in everything we make, from a gem, a picture, a conversation with herself.
Her jewels are exquisite simplicity which explains intimate stories.
In 2004 he discovered the world of jewel 

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

When and how did you started in the contemporary jewelry?
By chance, about 9 years ago a jewelry course brochure went to my hands and I decided to try, the jewelry definitively got hooked me from the the first moment. I found my way to express, to interpret and to let know my sensations and feelings.

What is your motivation?
My jewels are my present and my future, with them  I want to share all that beautiful circumstances. You will find me in my jewels, all the love I´ve received, all my dreams, the illusions and even the obstacles that I have conquered, everything is in each of the pieces of my work.

Where are your sources of inspiration? What inspires me is all, my mood, my surroundings, whatever, shape, color or feeling that makes something move inside me. 

How do you define your work? 
A constant pursuit of learning, a way of self expression and a way to help others to express themselves wearing my jewelry. 

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
To publicize my work I participate in exhibitions and I work with different social networks like face book, twitter, instagram, blog or linked in. 

What do you would stand out from your career as a contemporary jeweller?
What do you would stand out from your path how designer of author's jewels? The great things that I still have for doing, for learning and for expressing. And for mentioning something I would emphasize my more recent exhibitions in the gallery ALLIAGES in Lille, France, in the gallery Barccina 66, Rome and in the gallery of jewels Workshop d'Artista in Sabadell, Barcelona. And a project inside a collective initiative for the export that I trust could bring me an international projection.


Gustavo Delgado, Madrid. "an attempt to cult the object, the object for the object, not a symbol only an object without ethics, without any purpose or use, a liturgy of the form." 

Degree in Chemistry 
Since 1995 researched and developed the jewelry in all its areas, design and technical workshop with professional activity up to the moment.

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

When and how did you begin in the contemporary jewelry? 
Contemporary JewelryCreative jewelry or whatever we want to call it, it makes you completely free in terms of materials, techniques, everything has a place and everything is valid to express yourself. I worked long time  in classical Jewelry making of all kinds of orders, and even helped me to master the techniques, ultimately the need to express with freedom and to enjoy the pleasure of creating without conditions of any type was what prevailed.

What is your motivation?
Who can explain the creative impulse, only you are confident that you have it, you have the certainty that whatever happens you will continue doing it, to be sure of this fact is so important.

Which ones are your sources of inspiration?
Without doubt I tend to the abstraction of forms, I am fascinated by natural forms or even industrial ones with its symmetries, orders and disorders, and from the amazement of observing them I go  the action. As for materials I have no prejudice.

How do you define your work?
My work is the result of a continued amazement for the forms, natural forms in continuous movement, with its exuberance and waste of creativity and industrial forms,  static or in feigned movement.
I propose a jewelry with a strong sculptural character, where the object loses its purpose and shows only its aesthetic dimension. My work is, in this way, an attempt to cult the object, the object for the object, not a symbol only an object without ethics, without any purpose or use, a liturgy of the form. I pretend, as many other creators, the abstraction of forms in order to free them from their daily lives. Behind the veil of the habit many forms surround us, when we retrieve the forgotten surprise of contemplating them is when the temptation to create becomes  irresistible and inevitable. 

Is that astonishment for the forms, its symmetries and its disorders which starts my creative process.

What actions you make to publicize your work? 
This is the complicated work, because to be able to continue working a minimal profitability is precise,and, however there is a real demand of this kind of work and, in consequence, there is a market, the framework for  the distribution it isn´t enough and self-management seems to be the only option. I take profit of all the possible opportunities like web, social networks, online galleries, or events such as Joyas Arte Madrid, which are a good opportunity to show the work directly but it would be necessary to open the market in a more effective way.

What do you stand out from your career as a contemporary jeweler?

Artist, Designer and enameller

Ana Andras.  Madrid / Miami / Barcelona. “ WEARABLE ART “

Ana Andras was born in Madrid, and after years dedicated to drawing and oil painting in United States and England, returned to Spain to live in Comarruga.

From 1994 to 2005, takes course in vitreous enamel at Apelles Fenosa Art School, El Vendrell. Meanwhile she continues working on painting and exhibiting her art work.

In 2005, takes a course of  Silver Jewelry Making at the Massana Art School in Barcelona. And she works with enamel at the  studio of  other enamellist, Esther Heras and Carmen Brunet.

In 2006 established her own studio in Comarruga,  stars designing  and producing jewelry  with enamel fussed onto sterling silver o copper, creating a new lines and designs every year.

In 2011, she opened and art gallery in Calafell, Cataluña. Where she exhibited  her own work and other artist as well.

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

How and when do you start in the world of designed jewelry?
My initiation to designed jewelry was by accident, after year of painting and drawing I decided to learn another technique, so I started learning vitreous enamel, creating big pieces at the beginning, later  I worked on small pieces that I would take to a jeweller to be mounted on silver.

I received a lot of compliments when I was wearing these pieces, so I realized I should started making them for others. So in 2005 I took a course in Jewelry Making at the Massana Art School in Barcelona.  While I was learning more enamel technique in the studio of other enamellist.

By 2006  established my own work place, and started with my first line of silver vitreous enamel jelwelry, and each year after had a new line.

What motivates you to create a piece?
Art can not only hang on the wall. Art can be wearable. This is my motive to create pieces of art to be around a woman neck o hand. There are a lot of ladies who love art and they like to go to art exhibitions, museums, concerts, so I can offer them to wear this art.

Then, your inspiration is to breath art?
As a child attending school in Madrid, my field days were to visit the museum El Prado, each year we had about thee or four trips, I grow up with art surround me. I have spent my life visiting galleries and museums, at each city I have travel.  
My inspiration is based on a lot of the impressionist artists, neoclassic o cubists.

Also nature inspired me a lot, I have a line based on trees, green or autumn leaves. I cut these leaves from a piece of copper and  I believe this line will never end.

The art in general?
Yes, art in general, but maybe I would like to emphasizes the collection I have based on the work of Gustav Klimt. I have choose The Kiss because I found a lot of ladies loves this romantic moment captured by Klimt, with a lot of elegance.

How do you promote your art pieces?
I have always sold my jewelry at exhibitions, art galleries and artisans fairs.  But today I believe I have to promote more on line. 

What do you highlight about your career in designed jewelry?
I know when I started but I do not know when I will finish, never.  One way or another I will be creating art pieces in enamel, could be for wearing as jewelry or picture to be hang o both ways as the same time.

But I f I have to highlight an exhibition from my biography is the participation in the 26th International Competition  of Jewelry, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan , en April of last year. 

Guest Artist

ESPERANZA PASCUAL. Valencia.  “With my work I am searching the way to understand and respond to myself immersing in the paths of memory”. 

She studied several courses in Health Sciences, BS of Anthropology and Psychoanalysis. 
He studied Art Jewelry Technical School of Art Design in Valencia, Spain . Currently studying a Master of Art Production UPV , Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia.
He has attended several workshops with Ramón Puig Cuyás , Xavi Moncliis , Kepa Carmona, Jorge Manilla, Christine Graff, Peter Bauhuis .
Courses glassblowing , glass crystal jewelry Barcelona School Foundation .

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -  More about her work

When and how did you start in designed jewelry?
Sometimes in life there are findings and jewelry was one of them. I worked in a centre for social and labour reinsertion. I asked to help in one of the workshops during Christmas time, we confectioned necklaces, and I started to learn the technique, later I became interested in jewelry as a form of artistic expression. I studied Jewelry designed and now I am finishing a Master of artistic production, my desire to learn just begun. 

What is your motivation? What Materials?
My main motivation is to express ideas using jewelry as medium. Any material is good. I like to use found objects, old photographs and glass which is my passion.

Where are your sources of inspiration?
I am interested mainly the affections of people,  it is the reason I use family photo albums, objects with a story behind, heard stories,  current news. Pain, anger, desire, love express feelings with an object is fantastic.

What action have you taken to publicize your work?
My purpose is not to sell, as I said before, jewelry it is not a way to make money,  but a way to express myself.  So for me to make the art piece is the purpose by itself.
Be able to communicate an idea. 
I like to participate in exhibitions and events like this one  to tell my experiences and to share them with others.

What is the highlight in your career as a designer jelwelry?
Maybe my participation and collaboration in Valencia´ Symposium, The Melting Point, as well as to be part of the exhibition in the Cervantes Institute in Munich, last year. 


Contemporary jewelry contest for students. Jewellery Art Madrid.

1. Evidencing all students be enrolled by enrollment during the 2013-2014 school year, (Studies jewelry , Fine Arts or degree of product design, ... ) , regardless of nationality may participate. The jury will ultimately decide who will be admitted to study .

2 . Each participant may submit only one gem.

3. The pieces must be original and must not have participated in any other competition or receiving any prize.

6. The materials and techniques are free .

7. Theme of this issue: "1"
The selected theme as the theme of this competition is a tribute to this first edition of Jewellery Art Madrid.

8. Of all the applications will be selected 5 finalists, and their works will be presented during the conference they Jewelry Art Madrid 2014.
Finalists will be free to attend all lectures and free admission to the Showroom.
 In Book / Books of the conference will be a special mention , one page per student will be devoted to a photo of his work with the technical specifications and concept recognition copyright and school to which he belongs .

9. Among the 5 finalists exposed the jury will award one prize. This prize is free entry winner with own stand at the 2nd edition of Jewellery Art Madrid.
The school to which the student belongs winner will also have a booth at the 2nd edition of Jewellery Art Madrid.
And special mention in the Book / corresponding catalog .

10.The jury who will select the finalists and the winner who grant award will be announced during the conference Jewelry Art Madrid.

11. The jury consists of leading and recognized professionals in the field of teaching, designer jewelery and art critics . It can be seen listed in thereof .

12. The selection criteria that the jury will consider and in this order are:
* Concept ( idea and its development as well as the originality of it )
* Innovative design .
* The use and research materials .
* Correct use of the techniques of jewelery craft or other artistic techniques.

13 . Selected participants were contacted personally via email and will also be published on the website of .

14 . Register .
Required Documentation .
* Registration proving to be studying jewelry , Fine Arts or degree of product design, ...
* The attached form must be completed and signed by the student, the teacher in charge of the project and ultimately must bear the seal of the school to which he belongs .
* 3 pictures that represent the maximum expression of the piece presented in high-resolution format 300dpi dimensions ( 2000x3000 ) with white background.
* A dossier development process and conceptual development ( process images and 500 words in pdf format. )
* The proof of having carried out certifying the income of 15 euros for registration. That must be entered into the following bank account

IBAN: ES26 0081 0348 1400 0126 0434
• The documentation must be submitted exclusively by this means mailto : .
• The deadline for acceptance of applications is March 5, 2014 . Outside the dates no registration will be accepted.

Entries that do not meet the requirements will be rejected and will not enter into the selection process. Not being refunded the amount of registration.

15 . The authors of the pieces authorize the organization of Jewellery Art Madrid graphical use of the material provided for promotional and advertising purposes. All participants will be included in the web of Jewellery Art Madrid.

16 . The organization shall ensure the safety of the selected pieces. The organization will hire an insurance covering liability , damage or theft that may occur parts .

The documentation sent by email to the following address mailto : participants not selected will be kept by the organization.

The organization charts marketing rights and reproduction of the winning piece in order to promote and disseminate both the artist and the event will run later .

Participants attending the conference Showroom may pick up a book - entry catalog presenting the reduced price competition registration document .

Participants who can not attend but want a catalog also may apply to the organization at a reduced price + shipping or purchase directly through our crowdfunding action .

For more information please contact by mail mailto : . Or go directly to the website where you will find comprehensive information on Jewellery Art Madrid. Contemporary Jewelry Days , April 2014 .