Contemporary jewelry contest for students. Jewellery Art Madrid.

1. Evidencing all students be enrolled by enrollment during the 2013-2014 school year, (Studies jewelry , Fine Arts or degree of product design, ... ) , regardless of nationality may participate. The jury will ultimately decide who will be admitted to study .

2 . Each participant may submit only one gem.

3. The pieces must be original and must not have participated in any other competition or receiving any prize.

6. The materials and techniques are free .

7. Theme of this issue: "1"
The selected theme as the theme of this competition is a tribute to this first edition of Jewellery Art Madrid.

8. Of all the applications will be selected 5 finalists, and their works will be presented during the conference they Jewelry Art Madrid 2014.
Finalists will be free to attend all lectures and free admission to the Showroom.
 In Book / Books of the conference will be a special mention , one page per student will be devoted to a photo of his work with the technical specifications and concept recognition copyright and school to which he belongs .

9. Among the 5 finalists exposed the jury will award one prize. This prize is free entry winner with own stand at the 2nd edition of Jewellery Art Madrid.
The school to which the student belongs winner will also have a booth at the 2nd edition of Jewellery Art Madrid.
And special mention in the Book / corresponding catalog .

10.The jury who will select the finalists and the winner who grant award will be announced during the conference Jewelry Art Madrid.

11. The jury consists of leading and recognized professionals in the field of teaching, designer jewelery and art critics . It can be seen listed in thereof .

12. The selection criteria that the jury will consider and in this order are:
* Concept ( idea and its development as well as the originality of it )
* Innovative design .
* The use and research materials .
* Correct use of the techniques of jewelery craft or other artistic techniques.

13 . Selected participants were contacted personally via email and will also be published on the website of .

14 . Register .
Required Documentation .
* Registration proving to be studying jewelry , Fine Arts or degree of product design, ...
* The attached form must be completed and signed by the student, the teacher in charge of the project and ultimately must bear the seal of the school to which he belongs .
* 3 pictures that represent the maximum expression of the piece presented in high-resolution format 300dpi dimensions ( 2000x3000 ) with white background.
* A dossier development process and conceptual development ( process images and 500 words in pdf format. )
* The proof of having carried out certifying the income of 15 euros for registration. That must be entered into the following bank account

IBAN: ES26 0081 0348 1400 0126 0434
• The documentation must be submitted exclusively by this means mailto : .
• The deadline for acceptance of applications is March 5, 2014 . Outside the dates no registration will be accepted.

Entries that do not meet the requirements will be rejected and will not enter into the selection process. Not being refunded the amount of registration.

15 . The authors of the pieces authorize the organization of Jewellery Art Madrid graphical use of the material provided for promotional and advertising purposes. All participants will be included in the web of Jewellery Art Madrid.

16 . The organization shall ensure the safety of the selected pieces. The organization will hire an insurance covering liability , damage or theft that may occur parts .

The documentation sent by email to the following address mailto : participants not selected will be kept by the organization.

The organization charts marketing rights and reproduction of the winning piece in order to promote and disseminate both the artist and the event will run later .

Participants attending the conference Showroom may pick up a book - entry catalog presenting the reduced price competition registration document .

Participants who can not attend but want a catalog also may apply to the organization at a reduced price + shipping or purchase directly through our crowdfunding action .

For more information please contact by mail mailto : . Or go directly to the website where you will find comprehensive information on Jewellery Art Madrid. Contemporary Jewelry Days , April 2014 .