Guest Artist

ESPERANZA PASCUAL. Valencia.  “With my work I am searching the way to understand and respond to myself immersing in the paths of memory”. 

She studied several courses in Health Sciences, BS of Anthropology and Psychoanalysis. 
He studied Art Jewelry Technical School of Art Design in Valencia, Spain . Currently studying a Master of Art Production UPV , Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia.
He has attended several workshops with Ramón Puig Cuyás , Xavi Moncliis , Kepa Carmona, Jorge Manilla, Christine Graff, Peter Bauhuis .
Courses glassblowing , glass crystal jewelry Barcelona School Foundation .

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -  More about her work

When and how did you start in designed jewelry?
Sometimes in life there are findings and jewelry was one of them. I worked in a centre for social and labour reinsertion. I asked to help in one of the workshops during Christmas time, we confectioned necklaces, and I started to learn the technique, later I became interested in jewelry as a form of artistic expression. I studied Jewelry designed and now I am finishing a Master of artistic production, my desire to learn just begun. 

What is your motivation? What Materials?
My main motivation is to express ideas using jewelry as medium. Any material is good. I like to use found objects, old photographs and glass which is my passion.

Where are your sources of inspiration?
I am interested mainly the affections of people,  it is the reason I use family photo albums, objects with a story behind, heard stories,  current news. Pain, anger, desire, love express feelings with an object is fantastic.

What action have you taken to publicize your work?
My purpose is not to sell, as I said before, jewelry it is not a way to make money,  but a way to express myself.  So for me to make the art piece is the purpose by itself.
Be able to communicate an idea. 
I like to participate in exhibitions and events like this one  to tell my experiences and to share them with others.

What is the highlight in your career as a designer jelwelry?
Maybe my participation and collaboration in Valencia´ Symposium, The Melting Point, as well as to be part of the exhibition in the Cervantes Institute in Munich, last year.