Artist, Designer and enameller

Ana Andras.  Madrid / Miami / Barcelona. “ WEARABLE ART “

Ana Andras was born in Madrid, and after years dedicated to drawing and oil painting in United States and England, returned to Spain to live in Comarruga.

From 1994 to 2005, takes course in vitreous enamel at Apelles Fenosa Art School, El Vendrell. Meanwhile she continues working on painting and exhibiting her art work.

In 2005, takes a course of  Silver Jewelry Making at the Massana Art School in Barcelona. And she works with enamel at the  studio of  other enamellist, Esther Heras and Carmen Brunet.

In 2006 established her own studio in Comarruga,  stars designing  and producing jewelry  with enamel fussed onto sterling silver o copper, creating a new lines and designs every year.

In 2011, she opened and art gallery in Calafell, Cataluña. Where she exhibited  her own work and other artist as well.

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

How and when do you start in the world of designed jewelry?
My initiation to designed jewelry was by accident, after year of painting and drawing I decided to learn another technique, so I started learning vitreous enamel, creating big pieces at the beginning, later  I worked on small pieces that I would take to a jeweller to be mounted on silver.

I received a lot of compliments when I was wearing these pieces, so I realized I should started making them for others. So in 2005 I took a course in Jewelry Making at the Massana Art School in Barcelona.  While I was learning more enamel technique in the studio of other enamellist.

By 2006  established my own work place, and started with my first line of silver vitreous enamel jelwelry, and each year after had a new line.

What motivates you to create a piece?
Art can not only hang on the wall. Art can be wearable. This is my motive to create pieces of art to be around a woman neck o hand. There are a lot of ladies who love art and they like to go to art exhibitions, museums, concerts, so I can offer them to wear this art.

Then, your inspiration is to breath art?
As a child attending school in Madrid, my field days were to visit the museum El Prado, each year we had about thee or four trips, I grow up with art surround me. I have spent my life visiting galleries and museums, at each city I have travel.  
My inspiration is based on a lot of the impressionist artists, neoclassic o cubists.

Also nature inspired me a lot, I have a line based on trees, green or autumn leaves. I cut these leaves from a piece of copper and  I believe this line will never end.

The art in general?
Yes, art in general, but maybe I would like to emphasizes the collection I have based on the work of Gustav Klimt. I have choose The Kiss because I found a lot of ladies loves this romantic moment captured by Klimt, with a lot of elegance.

How do you promote your art pieces?
I have always sold my jewelry at exhibitions, art galleries and artisans fairs.  But today I believe I have to promote more on line. 

What do you highlight about your career in designed jewelry?
I know when I started but I do not know when I will finish, never.  One way or another I will be creating art pieces in enamel, could be for wearing as jewelry or picture to be hang o both ways as the same time.

But I f I have to highlight an exhibition from my biography is the participation in the 26th International Competition  of Jewelry, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan , en April of last year. 

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