Gustavo Delgado, Madrid. "an attempt to cult the object, the object for the object, not a symbol only an object without ethics, without any purpose or use, a liturgy of the form." 

Degree in Chemistry 
Since 1995 researched and developed the jewelry in all its areas, design and technical workshop with professional activity up to the moment.

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

When and how did you begin in the contemporary jewelry? 
Contemporary JewelryCreative jewelry or whatever we want to call it, it makes you completely free in terms of materials, techniques, everything has a place and everything is valid to express yourself. I worked long time  in classical Jewelry making of all kinds of orders, and even helped me to master the techniques, ultimately the need to express with freedom and to enjoy the pleasure of creating without conditions of any type was what prevailed.

What is your motivation?
Who can explain the creative impulse, only you are confident that you have it, you have the certainty that whatever happens you will continue doing it, to be sure of this fact is so important.

Which ones are your sources of inspiration?
Without doubt I tend to the abstraction of forms, I am fascinated by natural forms or even industrial ones with its symmetries, orders and disorders, and from the amazement of observing them I go  the action. As for materials I have no prejudice.

How do you define your work?
My work is the result of a continued amazement for the forms, natural forms in continuous movement, with its exuberance and waste of creativity and industrial forms,  static or in feigned movement.
I propose a jewelry with a strong sculptural character, where the object loses its purpose and shows only its aesthetic dimension. My work is, in this way, an attempt to cult the object, the object for the object, not a symbol only an object without ethics, without any purpose or use, a liturgy of the form. I pretend, as many other creators, the abstraction of forms in order to free them from their daily lives. Behind the veil of the habit many forms surround us, when we retrieve the forgotten surprise of contemplating them is when the temptation to create becomes  irresistible and inevitable. 

Is that astonishment for the forms, its symmetries and its disorders which starts my creative process.

What actions you make to publicize your work? 
This is the complicated work, because to be able to continue working a minimal profitability is precise,and, however there is a real demand of this kind of work and, in consequence, there is a market, the framework for  the distribution it isn´t enough and self-management seems to be the only option. I take profit of all the possible opportunities like web, social networks, online galleries, or events such as Joyas Arte Madrid, which are a good opportunity to show the work directly but it would be necessary to open the market in a more effective way.

What do you stand out from your career as a contemporary jeweler?

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