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Montserrat Bote. Barcelona. " jewels that are nothing but very different feelings that take shape"

She is an artist whose sensibility is reflected in everything we make, from a gem, a picture, a conversation with herself.
Her jewels are exquisite simplicity which explains intimate stories.
In 2004 he discovered the world of jewel 

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

When and how did you started in the contemporary jewelry?
By chance, about 9 years ago a jewelry course brochure went to my hands and I decided to try, the jewelry definitively got hooked me from the the first moment. I found my way to express, to interpret and to let know my sensations and feelings.

What is your motivation?
My jewels are my present and my future, with them  I want to share all that beautiful circumstances. You will find me in my jewels, all the love I´ve received, all my dreams, the illusions and even the obstacles that I have conquered, everything is in each of the pieces of my work.

Where are your sources of inspiration? What inspires me is all, my mood, my surroundings, whatever, shape, color or feeling that makes something move inside me. 

How do you define your work? 
A constant pursuit of learning, a way of self expression and a way to help others to express themselves wearing my jewelry. 

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
To publicize my work I participate in exhibitions and I work with different social networks like face book, twitter, instagram, blog or linked in. 

What do you would stand out from your career as a contemporary jeweller?
What do you would stand out from your path how designer of author's jewels? The great things that I still have for doing, for learning and for expressing. And for mentioning something I would emphasize my more recent exhibitions in the gallery ALLIAGES in Lille, France, in the gallery Barccina 66, Rome and in the gallery of jewels Workshop d'Artista in Sabadell, Barcelona. And a project inside a collective initiative for the export that I trust could bring me an international projection.

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