Juan F. MaldonadoMadrid / Menorca . " ... looking between what I am and what I want to tell . "

Sociologist training , self-taught designer jewelery since 2001 , the result of knowledge exchange with artists and artisans from many countries , fields and disciplines ranging from jewelry to ironwork , leather esparto or macramé . Using different materials and techniques applying all the metal.
Contact with school jewelers , both with students and with teachers , has also been particularly fruitful .

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

When and how did you get started in the gem author?
After ten years dedicated to the world of craft, having experimented with different techniques and materials, that is in 2010 , the year in which the artistic project Pasearte (Menorca ) when I decide to take the final step towards the jewelry is born author .
Contact and daily work with jewelers as Sisi or Cristina Arcos Armengol , or painters and sculptors such as Roberto Lopez and Marc Rosa make rethink my work to develop a more personal side , looking between what I am and what I want to tell. In 2011 I think , with my partner Sonia Pachon workshop " unnajoya " .

What is your motivation?
Creating and my life have always gone hand in hand. Although not the easiest way I can not imagine the world differently .

Where are your sources of inspiration?
 Much of the work in recent years has been influenced by the island of Menorca . As he happened to all the artists who have passed through this island I could not escape its beauty.
 The other party responds , as I noted earlier, Search through what I am and what I want to tell.

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
The truth is that anything special. We sell almost all of our parts in Menorca ( Pasearte -Fornells ) . Moreover, the completely handmade process of creating each of our pieces added to the isolation of living in this island , leaving little time to show off our work , much less as privileged spaces such as this provides joyasartemadrid .

What would you highlight of your career how jewelry designer author?
 Artistically I like to think I've come to have a recognizable fluid style , personal and .
 Professionally power to live as one chooses , doing what he loves , is the greatest reward

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