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Marielle Ledoux,  Uruguay/Barcelona. "... A journey into the interior, a dialogue between opposites: the vacuum and matter"

Began studying jewelry in 1985 and since then is being formed in different schools , taking courses and interesting seminars.
On one of his trips ( Erasmus Scholarship 6 months ) in the School of Contemporary Jewelry Rantapaja , Lappeenranta Finland went to a before and after originated in the work of this artist jewelry .
He tells us that " The collection is inpired Holes on my trip to Finland. Finland My experience has been very enriching. Force of nature , lush forests , variety of lakes , snow , cold, his icy landscapes, few hours of light, longing for the sun, the silence , the peace that you can breathe , an abundance of space, its language, its culture and its people penetrated deep into my . All very different from what I had experienced so time. "

INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIST -   More about her work .

When and how did you started in the contemporary jewelry? 
Small felt a special fascination for watching the windows of the few jewelers author of my city. And I always knew I wanted to do that more. Different jewelry with a personal touch, with heart.

What is your motivation?
My motivation is to create jewelery with soul that will not let you indifferent.

Where are your sources of inspiration?
It is always the magnificence of nature. The force of nature, lush forests, variety of lakes, snow, ...

How can you interact with with inspiration? 
This collection "Holes" is a journey into a dialogue between opposites: the vacuum and matter. Surge of the game, not as pure joy, but as adventure, risk, imagination and freedom. With the intention of giving new life to objects destroyed, eleji for this collection work with pucks used jokey play on ice, because they are very common there (Finland). And helping nature by not requiring her new resources.

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
Exhibit in galleries and participated in international competitions

What do you would stand out from your career as a contemporary jeweller?
Highlight the time I spent in Finland. Leaving influenced by new concepts, new techniques, different tastes. It marked a before and after. It helped me discover my very rich areas not yet explored.

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