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Mora Efron, Argentina / Spain . " I transform the cold metal - organic body warmth "

Mora Efron was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina in 1980. From an early age he began studying art and sculpture. At 18 , he graduated as Technical Artisan School of Fine Arts Fernando Fader , a place that brings the knowledge of different artistic disciplines.

In metals finds its expressive potential , and decided to further his studies in the field of jewelry . While performing career and Jewelry Crimp in his hometown , he begins to work for various workshops and designs his early work .

We are our body, we are carving culture. Each piece , each election, speaking of ourselves , in a corner of our alma.Mora Efron plays with opposites and back body a mixture between ancient / modern , cultural / instinctive , natural / urban.

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

When and how did you get started in the gem author?
When I started studying at age 16 jewelry and designed my first pieces , it was clear that mine were parts with content.

What is your motivation?
Work is a motivation . Research and develop pieces that speak for themselves is a very exciting creative adventure .

Where are your sources of inspiration?
Live in nature fascinate me and their transformations. I need it to work . However, I agree with Picasso " Inspiration is working "

What actions you undertake to publicize your work?
Just back from Inhorgenta and has been an awesome experience where show my collections . In my constant showroom events and now we work a lot with social media. In addition , I have several outlets in Spain .

What would you highlight of your career how jewelry designer author?
I am interested in the prospect of the new tools in jewelry, so I think I've gotten re design the " Formentor Prize for Literature " , in addition to charlasr on "New technologies in traditional trades ."
In 2009 he received the award " Young Entrepreneur " by the Business Federation Segoviana .

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