Dorine Botana, Brazil . "Every day I discover more stones in pure, more beautiful , more fragile , more delicate , exotic and unique state. "

It is one of the pioneers in jewelry design in Brazil, began trading in 1990 in his workshop in a quiet street of Perdizes . Among the orchids that grow and move their old jewelry exclusive designs its rough stones inspired by nature .
He has participated in various exhibitions both individually and collectively in Paris , New York, Stocolmo , Zurich and Frankfurt.
In 2009 it is she who organizes jewelry samples and participates in 2011 where the company creates Collect, to promote Brazilian jewelry by the world.

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

How and when did you get started in the world of jewelery?
I graduated and I did a post -graduate in hotel management section of food and drinks , I went to college in Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul ) and graduate in the United States (New York) , I have worked many years in restaurants and have had some restaurants.

Due to a serious health problem I went to live in Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo and I also was forced to change my lifestyle . I was forced to stop working for a while, so I decided to fill my time with a new faculty (Bellas Artes) , where I found a course in industrial design and shortly thereafter, jewelry design loved . Then I started a course in jewelery workshop where I learned to work and perform the pieces. From the beginning I knew I had found my soul mate , which gave me the opportunity to express my feelings , being a work in which I could relate to and was only mine . In 1991 I established my studio where I am today .

There it all starts watching and appreciating nature. I've always developed my work environment to natural raw stone that inspire me to create jewelry that never start from a specific project in a constant state of change and evolution to reach an outcome that seems satisfactory.

What is your motivation ?
Is to create, makes an idea , a thought, my only express my view of the world occurs. Experiencing and enjoying the whole process, from finding the stones cut format , laminating, metal cutting, welding, cutting , finishing and polishing is very gratifying to imagine that I'm giving birth to a new gem .

And your sources of Inspiration?
It is always nature. The rough stones make me see something in the soul that help me to name collections always relate to nature.

How 's a giveaway and promote your pieces?
Exhibitions , art galleries , usually make jewelry lectures at schools for young people who are entering the field of jewelry , it seems important to me to share my experiences with others , as it is very rewarding for me .
What would you highlight of your career as a jewelry designer ?
The differential of my work is to always work with rough stones , without commercial value, such as jewelry and transform these minerals in true "jewels".

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