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Natalia de Pablo. Chile"" MARICUNGA ", inspired by the great copper mines of Chile."

Natalia Paul has a degree in Environmental Science and Higher Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention . For some time is devoted to his true calling , jewelry design and jewelry in Santiago de Chile, city in which he lives .

Copper works (which provides design and a special personality to spare ) and silver , combining techniques to find harmony and beauty.

To learn more about his work responds to us to some interesting questions

How and when did you get started in the world of jewelery?
In my case it all started recently over a year , when circumstances changed my country of residence, and to find a job and while looking for some interesting offer, I decided to sign a goldsmith workshop to learn.

· What is your motivation?
 It motivates me greatly to develop a job that depends solely on me, it excites me and what I feel over developed . And if the way people appreciate it even better.

· And your sources of inspiration ?
 It inspires me to sit on my workbench , do not start anything in particular, but I try to get a piece with some personality , perhaps to as lead time in this world, my main inspiration is to apply different techniques and going and seeing which I can get the better .

· That you undertake actions to publicize your work?
 I'm starting to develop in this guild and I have designed short term create my website, register my stamp - mark , print personalized cards, try to be as the possible day for the holding of fairs and contests should be eligible to sponsor directly .

What do you like best about your career as a jewelry designer author?
Definitely able to participate in Jewellery Art Madrid, since it is a great motivation to keep learning and improving.

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